Hey! I’m Avia, majoring in Math, and am focusing mainly on assessment and data collection during the internship this summer. This first week of Orientation Training has been challenging yet enlightening. But even more difficult was saying goodbye to Burger King, smart phones, and large malls. Yup, India is across the world and has a culture so different than what we are used to living here in the US. I am so excited to explore this, probably happier than the Pillsbury dough boy on his way to a baking convention or maybe even Christopher Columbus on a speed boat (yes, you got it, the Geico commercials)! In one sentence I predict my journey to India will be “first sweet, then sour” (Thank you skittles). I’ll be so excited to arrive and at the end, so sad to leave. I will let you all know how my prediction pans out later!


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