In just under 24 hours I, Maddie, will hop on a plane with seven other Carnegie Mellon students destined for Bangalore, India where we will be working with Mathru School for the Blind to develop technology for education.  I am a rising junior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at CMU.  This past week I’ve spent hours working, preparing, and training for our journey and it has been intense, to say the least.  We have covered so much information from how to operate and make small alterations on the current Braille Writing Tutor (BWT) to how to deal with precarious interview situations.  All of the hard work and preparation has left us both exhausted and excited for what the next nine weeks have in store.  I am ready for the accidental misplacement of Avia, a fellow team member, as well as the unexpected arrival of a local news station.  We have been through every possible scenario, but inevitably we will encounter many unexpected adventures.  Even after all of the simulations, I’m still not entirely sure what to expect.  Though, I do hope that we will be able to make connections with the students and teachers beyond the technology and beyond the tasks.  I hope that we can take away just as much as we give, through partnership and friendship and a shared educational experience.


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