Hi I’m Shree Lakshmi. I am the lead for the Assessment team on the 2013 “iSTEP team. I conduct user research, I design and I tell stories.

A lot of things have happened over the last two weeks. I graduated from the School of Design with a master’s degree, my keycard stopped giving me access to secret rooms that I hid in over the last year while working on my thesis, I packed all my things into boxes and bags and finally today I’m going back home after two years.


Yes, this is a lot of information for someone who accidentally landed on this post but you probably want to know what I’m doing at home (not really twisting, which would be great too).

This summer I’m working with a cross-disciplinary team of Carnegie Mellon University students through an internship program called iSTEP with a blind school in Bangalore, India. iSTEP is organized by Tech Bridge World, a research group in CMU that works with technologies for underserved communities around the world.



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