10 people, 20 suitcases, 1 van

10 people, 20 suitcases, 1 van

After my third day in Bangalore and second day at the Mathru School for the Blind one thing stands out above all else: the hospitality and generosity of our partner. We arrived at 4:30 A.M. Sunday morning and Ms. Muktha was there to greet us. After running from gate to gate, losing luggage, stressful plane rides and various other travel issues, it was beyond comforting to see a warm smile on the other side of customs.

We all piled into a van along with our obscene amount of luggage and enjoyed a very uncharacteristically tame ride to our accommodations. We walked inside to a fully furnished, very homey house, thanks to Ms. Muktha. She had already made sure that we were provided with an abundance of fruit, toiletries, cornflakes, and household vegetation (we are making a conscious effort to keep these plants alive for longer than a week or two).

On our first day at Mathru we arrived to a table set and breakfast prepared for all eight of us. We were pleasantly surprised as we were expecting to jump into the tasks for the day. The first day of work in a new country with people you have never met and who prefer to speak in their local language can be very daunting and overwhelming. That first meal with Ms. Muktha was the perfect introduction to our new surroundings and our new partners.

The generosity that first day and since has not waivered. We have been provided with absolutely delicious, home-cooked meals for breakfast and lunch for our first two days at Mathru. Ms. Muktha has kindly allowed us to borrow her internet dongle until ours is activated in a few days time. And just earlier tonight the doorbell rang and a friend of Ms. Muktha’s offered to cook dinner for us during the week. I was expecting hospitality, but I was not expecting all that we have received so far. Mathru and Ms. Muktha’s generosity have made me feel so welcome and have eased any apprehensions of working in Bangalore for the next two months. I have immensely enjoyed my time here thus far getting to know our partner and getting to know my team better. If the first three days even slightly reflect what the rest of my time here will be like, I am positive that I will enjoy these next nine weeks, and I know I will be very sad when our time at Mathru comes to an end. Until then I have many more laughs and meals and conversations to look forward to and I will be sure not to miss a thing.


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