A whole year has gone by since I have been there. Just a blink of an eye and so much has happened. Looking back, it had been an eventful academic year at CMU, beginning with the trip to Niagara and ending with the gradwalk at Gestling Stadium, graduating from robotics institute. And the prospect of what awaits us the summer gives more reasons than one for me to get  excited.

Never have I had to prepare so much to go to India before, but trust me it was all worthwhile. Hands on work sessions with technology aids for tutoring braille, a visit to the WPSBC (Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children), little brainstorming and marketing sessions filled up our schedules for the first week. The send-off dinner on Thursday (Indian food  😀 and my taste buds are so excited for it reminded me that I can keep relishing them for the 9 weeks to follow) marked the end of the week ensued by a wrap up session on Friday. But it is not the end, it is not even the beginning, it is just the beginning of the beginning as eight of us (7 Pittsburghians and Aveed), part of the larger TechBridgeWorld team, embark on a journey together to bangalore for iSTEP – an internship opportunity with our partner “Mathru School for the Blind”. So much to look forward to this summer 🙂

Drafted on May 31st 2013


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