Hello, everyone! I’d like to be able to say that the team is finally getting used to Indian Standard Time, but the fact that usually-nocturnal students are getting drowsy by 8pm would completely contradict that. I do know that everyone is getting a whole lot of South Indian food, with Ms Muktha determined to get each intern to gain a few pounds before the end of the summer.

After a filling lunch yesterday, the team decided to observe some of the classes at Mathru, to get a better understanding of how some subjects are taught. The first things I noticed were the colorful pictures on the walls of the classrooms, made from different textures, like a map of the country with a different fabric used for each state of India. The teachers and students had an amazing rapport and the level of familiarity between them amazed me. The students seemed genuinely interested in learning, which is not something that can be said for any child their age.

The level of dedication that we observe from everyone here, makes us want to strive to provide the Mathru School with the quality of work that it deserves.


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