Ms Muktha was waiting for us right outside the airport early in the morning. She was very warm and welcoming, taking us to our accommodation. A few miles from the Mathru school for the blind was our house at Yelahanka. It was a very pleasant apartment, a little walk from the main road from the airport.

After a day long hunt for sim cards and a visit to SL‘s place on Sunday, we visited Mathru’s educational trust for the blind on Monday. She treated us with breakfast and showed us around the school. It was such a beautiful place. I marveled Ms Muktha’s creativity as she took us to the classes. They had letter and number embossed on classroom walls and bunji chords put to worthy use. On the inside there hung textured charts that were crafted. Ms Muktha amazed us with stories of different kids and their background. She was more of a friendly figure to the kids who called her aunty rather than mam.

In the afternoon we visited Mathru’s school for children with multiple disability. The children greeted us with good afternoon in sign language. One of the kids even tried to teach me numbers in sign language. He had a remarkably good handwriting that made me shy to look at the small pocket notebook I was carrying. They were so much excited to see us as much as we were to see them.

Many a times I was amused by what Maddie, Maddie and Avia find amusing. Things like tearing dosa with one hand, riding an bus or auto, waiting at the railway crossing are a few examples. So far we have experienced a full day of power cut, broken internet connection and a prospective reception flooding to mention a few and many more adventures yet to come 🙂


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