Earthy tones at Mathru

I don’t know how many non-Indians can appreciate the earthy tones of red brick and the kind of architecture that makes the most of nature.

The iSTEP team works out of the visitor’s center in Mathru without any fans on. There are no windows. Red bricks are piled high in the direction of the breeze and it keeps all eight of us cool. Sometimes this can be a problem. Two days ago the team doing user research came back to the iSTEP headquarters only to find our comfortable chairs thrown around and the carpet completely wet. A pipe had burst outside and the all the water flooded in. The issue was handled immediately, of course.

Check out more pictures on our Facebook page. I would like to claim photographer credits. I bought a very good DSLR from one of my friends just before I left the US and these pictures were taken last week when I finally decided to try the camera out. (Some pictures were edited by Aveed Sheik) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.607294329295107.1073741825.123818270976051&type=1


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