India is an incredible country.  It is a place where one can observe people from all walks of life.  In the midst of all these people so much involved and busy with the daily life, there is yet another community of people that at times tend to escape our attention.  It is the community of the disabled people.  Personally, the iSTEP internship has served as an eye-opener.  Through iSTEP, everyday has become an opportunity to learn more about communities that I never had the chance to meet and interact with before.

Everybody at Mathru including Ms. Muktha, students, staff (including the driver, the gate-keeper, the lady who serves us tea and juice), and teachers have a unique story to share.  I feel the opportunity I got to learn these different perspectives of people through the iSTEP research internship program has helped me become a better individual.


While writing this blog, a quotation by a world famous Indian scientist Sir C.V. Raman comes to my mind.  He once said, “Life, my dear friends, is not just a mere question of getting food, clothes, and shelter.  Man does not live by bread alone.  I think the most important things in life are not these… but the finer things in life such as music, color, flowers, beauty, aesthetic sense and the satisfaction derived from all these… these are the things that make our lives worth living”.

Personally, helping to make a difference in our Mathru community, no matter how big or small it may be is something that I derive happiness and satisfaction from.  This blog post of mine for Week 2 has more to do with my personal thoughts on iSTEP-Bengaluru.  I hope you enjoyed reading it! Stay tuned… a week from now (skipping Week 3), I will be back with a new blog post highlighting a memorable experience for Week 4.


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