It has already been over a week since we’ve arrived; today is our 6th work day. In just this short amount of time so much has already happened and so much has yet to happen. I need YOUR help making decisions about my adventures. Please help me in the following scenarios:

Saturday evening the team took a day trip to downtown Bangalore. We went to MG road to walk and shop. Eventually we wondered to a mall called UB City and needed to get back to MG road but it was starting to get dark out. How do you think we should have traveled back?

Good idea! We ended up hailing an auto.

These Autos hold up to 3 passengers and are used like taxis to get around

These Autos hold up to 3 passengers and are used like taxis to get around

We had to ask a few different auto drivers to find a reasonable price. One driver eventually offered us a ride for 20 rupees if we stopped in a store on the way and pretend to shop so he could get a commission. Should we take this offer?

We took it. In two cars we rode in the direction of MG road, passed it, and continued further. SL, who speaks the local language, asked where he was taking us. He neglected to tell us that the shop he wanted us to go to was a block past our destination. We finally arrived and walked into the store that the driver requested of us. It sold trinkets such as small elephants, knifes, and scarfs. A few minutes later we pretended to be uninterested and left. Our auto driver was waiting outside to take us finally to MG road. The driver then proceeded to drive parallel to MG road. When we asked him why he wasn’t taking us to our destination, he begged to take us to just one more shop. Well at this point, a ride that should have taken 5 minutes was now at 20 minutes and counting. How should we tell him that we just want to get to MG road?

We politely told him we weren’t interested in anymore stores and he took us to MG road, finally!

Saturday was quite a blast.

Sunday was much more relaxing. Only 4 of us were home as the other 4 were out with family and friends. We learned that we were out of bottled water and so in a bit of a pickle. We did need water but how would we get it?

Which do you think we chose? On an adventure we went. We knew there were a few shops just a few minutes down the street. On arrival we found that the shops were all closed so we continued to walk. About another 5 minutes down the road was a pharmacy but they didn’t sell water. Desperately thirsty at this point, we continued down the main road.

Walking down the main road in Yelahanka.

Walking down the main road in Yelahanka.

The next open store we say was Scotch Yard. Should we walk in?

We walked in. And the cashier asked what we were looking for.

They had water! We bought 8, 1 liter, bottles. Yes, we walked into a liquor store and walked out with only 8 bottles of water. The locals seems a bit confused but we were very happy. We then walked home and took the rest of the day easy.

Well, now its already Monday. The start of a new week comes with many tasks and many goal. As I’m sitting here right now writing this post, my teammates and myself are writing down collected data points on sticky notes and grouping them accordingly. Not making any promises but what do you want us to do this week?

Well you’re in luck because we hope to do all of this and even more.

What would you like next weeks blog post to be about?


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