We have already posted updates about all the work that we’re doing, like observing classes, conducting teacher training sessions and sitting for hours on end in the beautiful Visitor’s Room at Mathru for long, hard coding sessions. We love our work , but yesterday we decided that we should try to do something other than move from one set of couches at the Mathru school, to the twin set that we have at our house in Yelahankana. So events were Googled, transportation planned out and soon we found ourselves on a bus going to a local Karaoke joint.

It was still early when we got there so we lounged around for a while, enjoying some excellent platters of paneer and kebabs. After a little while, the karaoke started in full swing and we got to enjoy some great singing (by other guests) as we ate a main course of Goan food, with a hamburger just for Avia. And finally, after dinner, the iStep team went to the stage. I wouldn’t say that we impressed anyone with our vocal talent, but we had a blast anyway. After some really enthusiastic renditions of Don’t Stop Believing, Buttercup, and Iris, we sang along to the finale of We Didn’t Start the Fire, and then decided to call it a night. After the auto ride home, we decided that there couldn’t be a better way to spend a Wednesday evening, and Karaoke night needed a place on our weekly schedule.


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