You guys! This blog post is a mix bag of my recollection of random round, circular, spherical and corner-less things that are in no way connected [Thanks to Avia for the contagious starter, that many on the team use these days sub consciously]

Work so far has just been warming up, starting with a few enhancements on the SABT and discussing with the assessment team, trying to understand what the teachers need. It was a good start except for the night of fighting with the SABT Atmel code going in circles over and over again. But well, you actually have to break the code to understand it completely.

It was a satisfying week both work-wise and play-wise. After an afternoon of group picture sessions we planned for a visit to the city in the evening. Owing to an overload of earwax maybe, I reached Magestic circle few miles away from where the rest of the team was shopping. By the time I realized I was at the wrong place it was already late and spent the rest of the evening with my friend from college figuring out my way to the rest of the team and got to them when it was time to head back home.

It was a nice weekend spent with my parents and my brother who were in town to visit me. We did not spare the weekdays either, as we went to the Kareoke place on a wednesday night. Vivek was still all himself and enthusiastic despite pulling an all-nighter with the SABT. It was my first time at a Kareoke place and I was clueless about any of the lyrics, yet it was so much fun watching everyone have a go at it. We planned for it to be a weekly thing and I hope to sing at least once before we leave.

On a more slurrpy note 🙂 I got over one of my cravings for the past year – street food. Yeah! Pani puri, gobi manchurian and chicken shwarma.


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