The eight of us woke up this morning slightly more excited than one would expect to just be going to a normal day of work. Well, hint hint, it wasn’t just a normal work day; we were told just yesterday that the Mathru School would be visited by Shivaraj Patil, a retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.

Every morning each intern wakes up at their respective times and goes about their respective morning routines. Once ready for the work day ahead, we congregate in our living, sitting on the benching we enjoy spending most of our day on. We chat, eat breakfast, and cat nap while we wait for the driver to take us to Mathru for the day. Today was only slightly different. I happened to be one of the first ready for work and promptly took my place on the cushioned bench. As each of my teammates came to join me, I couldn’t help but notice the crispness in everyone’s attire. Aditya walked out of the guy’s bedroom wearing slacks and a purple dress shirt, Aveed was wearing a CMU Quatar dress shirt, both Poormina and SL were dresses up, the three Americans each thought that it would be most fitting to wear Kurtas (Indian attire), and Vivek was wearing shorts and a short sleeve dress shirt (pulling the programmers card). Well as we were sitting there waiting for the driver, Maddie made an interesting observation. It had happened (by mistake of course) that Maddie’s, Madeleine’s, and my Kurtas created the red, white, and blue American colors, respectively. Whoops!

red, white, and blue

Once we arrived at Mathru we could tell it would be a busy day. Everyone was scurrying around trying to prepare for the Chief Justice. The eight of us ended up piling into Ms Muktha’s office as not to be in anybody’s way; yes, this resulted in us having to sit somewhere besides the benches we always shuffle between. Although challenging, we were able to have a productive morning.

And then it happened. The Chief Justice arrived. We were invited to sit down and talk to him! SL and Vivek quickly got out the devices that we have been working on for the past 3 or so weeks to show to Shivaraj Patil. The rest of us were told to sit down.

Backs straight! Legs crossed at the ankles! Hands in the lap! We all wanted to look professional. We had a good time as we were all laughing at the Chief Justice’s jokes.

It was time for lunch! The meal, no wait, the feast was amazing. We were served on banana leaves! And afterwards were allowed to watch a ceremony were each student and teacher was presented a blanket on behalf of the Chief Justice.

Banana Leaf

Overall, it was a wonderfully unusual day.


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