Sante on Sunday

As much as I love piling on our cushioned benches crowded around the latest crossword puzzle and dominating at our new favorite game Mafia, I get a little restless staying in our house with the same seven people every single night.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my fellow iSTEPpers like family, but like the saying goes, fish and family smell after three days.  Sometimes we all need to get out and blow the stink off, but not everyone is willing to get out and go places.  I always want to know what our plans are for the night and what new places we’re going to explore and what new friends we’re going to make, but sadly not everyone is as energy-filled and as curious as me, so often I am coaxed into a movie night or a game of cards instead of a nighttime adventure.  However this past Sunday I used my undeniably remarkable persuasive skills to get everyone out of the house, and lo and behold they were all very glad we did.

SL had mentioned the day before that there was an arts and crafts market called Sante at a design school Bangalore City, but unfortunately she chose her parents over us on Sunday (SL, I don’t blame you.  We do smell).  We were left with two choices:  brave the city on our own without SL’s expertise or finish reading yet another book on the comfort of our cushioned benches.  With laundry to do and lingering exhaustion from the previous night’s festivities, Vivek, Madeleine, Avia, and Aditya opted for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I, on the other hand, donned my adventure gear, ready to find this market all on my own.  Vivek was the first to break.  All it took was telling him I was going somewhere alone.  And then before they knew it I had roped Madeleine and Aditya into tagging along too.  Avia was the last one left and had two weeks’ worth of laundry to hand wash.  She was a toughy, but luckily Madeleine stepped in and helped her finish her laundry in 20 minutes.  And so the five of us set off on the city bus in search of the market.

We arrived unscathed and without getting lost all without SL’s presence.  We entered the park and rounded a corner and there were Indian paintings and various works of art and jewelry scattered throughout the fifty-or-so tents at the market.  It reminded me of The Three Rivers Arts Festival, which being a native Pittsburgher and all I was very sad to have missed.  This was almost as good, maybe even better than the Pittsburgh Arts festival. There were handcrafted shoes, and there was handmade pottery, and detailed woodwork.  Everything was brightly colored and beautiful.  The five of us spent about an hour just walking around admiring the work and deciding on where to strike first.  Eventually I settled on a few gifts for my parents’ birthdays that are soon approaching at the end of June, Madeleine settled on some small wooden trinkets, and after what it seemed like ten laps passed the handmade shoes, Avia finally settled on a pair of sandals.

Satisfied with our purchases, we bought a few cups of tea and set off for yet another adventure.  After finding a nice restaurant to satisfy our hunger, we were tired and ready to retire to the comfort of our cushioned benches.  To my delight everyone was glad we had left home and ventured into the city, and I hope next time they will willingly don their own adventure gear ready to blow the stink off without any need for my persuasion tactics.


3 thoughts on “Adventure Time: Sante on Sunday

  1. Oh Maddie, that was a great story..sounds like the old Maddie who wrote such wonderful and flowery poetry..I could actually picture myself at the market with you..hope you got us something nice and not breakable!!!

  2. What fun to be able to find your way to Sante and explore all the colorful displays and crafts!!!! My shopping antennas went out of control at the shopping possibilities—a great way to take care of any gift giving for the rest of the year too. Equally impressive is your confidence,curiosity,and willingness to experience what was unknown to all of you just a few weeks ago—- kudos and many thanks for sharing. GA/ Anne

  3. Nice job roping in others to come with you! I’m so jealous – I didn’t have a chance to do something like this when I was there in the summer 5 years ago, but glad you guys did! I probably would have done the same as Avia, maybe even doing more laps passed the handmade shoes. I wish the internet allowed you to post more pictures of what you were able to get!


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