The old saying goes by “Too many cooks spoil the food”. Well, not here in iSTEP 2013. After managing the first couple of weeks on Maggie noodles, food from SL’s home the team decided to buckle up and start cooking. After a evening of playing cards, mafia, crosswords or pool we pooled in the kitchen to test our cooking skills as a team. Everyone in the team had their own speciality that we managed to try out different cuisines (North Indian, South Indian, American, Italian) through the week.


Team Dinner (Photo Courtesy: Chef Vivek)

Meanwhile at Mathru on friday, miss Muktha planned to take us out for pizza. At 1.30, 7 of us along with miss Muktha and her niece went out to Dominoes for lunch. No prizes for guessing who ate pizzas defying laws of physics :D. After a fulfilling lunch, and rushed-up assembling of SABTs we bade good bye to few of our fellow iSTEPpers heading to bombay for the weekend. It was a calm evening spent debugging SABT code. Woke up today to a quiet and lazy saturday morning, without much plans for the weekend ahead. Waiting for rest of the team to get back here, for the house to restore to all it merriness again.


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