This week marks the 5th week of our 10 week internship. After already spending 3 full weeks in Bangalore, we have fallen into a very typical routine. Most of these blog posts have been fun and exciting atypical activities, and while less exciting, I am sure most of you wonder what a usual day is like.

We each wake up to our own alarms. Mine is set for 7:30. Those of us who are morning showers take turns showering in each room’s respective shower. As all the boys are morning shower-ers, they each race to get to the shower in their room first. Once dressed and polished, each iSTEPper makes his or her own way to the kitchen where usually either cereal or eggs are made. Once ready to walk out the door, each person congregates around the couches in our living room. We walk out the door between 8:30and9,depending on when the driver arrives. Each day we take the same path to Mathru and pass the same wondering cows on the side of the street (one of which is pregnant).

When we arrive at Mathru we sit on the couches (the same ones as at our home) in one of the side rooms. We all scramble to pull out our laptops, turn on the internet, and try to check our emails. Then we proceed to do our work for the day intermittently dealing with spotty internet and losses of electricity. We each have a cup of chai around 10:30 and then a cup of juice around noon. Lunch is served between 1:30 and 2 and is always very yummy Indian food. After which we continue to work. We then get another cup of chai around 4:30 and leave for home promptly at 5.

Most days we have to take a quick stop somewhere before heading home, whether it is to get a new jug of clean water or to go grocery shopping. Once home we usually relax for a little, often do a crossword puzzle, play cards, or play the game of Mafia. It’s characteristic for at least one of us to continue work late into the evening. Around 6 or 7 we get started on cooking dinner, and together as a team we cook, eat, and clean up. Most days we then look through Vivek’s 500 GB collection of movies and pick one or two or admittedly sometimes even three to watch. As the night wares on, people retreat to their bedrooms to go to sleep and rest before starting a new day.

The Team


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