Avia is taking the picture and is pictured in spirit. Love you, Avia!

Avia is taking the picture and is pictured in spirit. Love you, Avia!

So this week marks halfway through our internship. This is the time when homesickness starts to settle in, but surprisingly I haven’t missed home all that much. After the week we have all had, not feeling homesick is actually quite a feat. Three iSTEPpers managed to get sick this week, some a little worse than others, but I am happy to report we are all healthy now. No need to worry.  It has been a difficult week for us all, but even though we didn’t complete all of the tasks that needed to be completed this week, I feel that we have grown as a team. We’ve made sacrifices for each other, and we’ve learned to deal with day to day challenges together. It’s been a fun and very interesting five weeks, and I’m very glad that I am working with the people I’m working with. Even with the sickness that has gone around, I feel very comfortable and at home here in Bangalore thanks to my teammates. I’m sure the eight of us with manage to make these next five week just as entertaining and adventure-filled as the last, and hopefully we will be able to avoid homesickness altogether.


One thought on “Halfway homesickness?

  1. Thank you for the great picture and blog! Am delighted each time a blog appears to know how each one of you are doing,observing,and experiencing while working and living together— life time memories! Kudos,kudos! Anne Clute

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