We really did not have very exciting plans for this weekend. With most of the team gone due to illness, and meetings with friends and family, Madeleine, Madelyn and I decided to visit a little bookshop just off MG road in Bangalore City. 

Blossoms Book House does not comply with the metrics that one would use to review a Landmark or Borders or Barnes & Nobles. It does not have cushioned seats in which you can read  a few chapters, nor does it come with an attached Starbucks, where you try your level best to not spill coffee on the book that you have not yet paid for. The shelves are not impeccably organized, and the aisles don’t have those devices that give you perfectly accurate directions to the book that you are looking for. Instead, you just ask the owner (who knows a little something about almost every book ever written), get very general directions to where they keep it, and then spend ages browsing through the stacks–which go all the way up to the ceiling and are completely stuffed with books. 

I think we all independently decided to get books by Indian authors. Maddie picked up The Three Continents, and Madeleine went for The White Tiger and a book filled with Math and logic puzzles. I was delighted to find the first two books of Samit Basu’s Gameworld Trilogy (one of the wittiest fantasy series I’ve read) and Maximum City, a book about Bombay by a self-proclaimed city boy.

This is not the right bookstore to just grab a last-minute gift for someone. It is not designed for you to find what you’re looking for quickly and leave; it is a place to get lost in and love it. And if you see something that you like, you could just find a comfortable corner for yourself, and lose track of time as you sit there, surrounded by the stacks; all wrapped up in books.


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