Week 6 of iSTEP 2013 has begun as of this Monday. 6 as in the number that comes after 5 which in equal to 10 over 2. I barely noticed as we blew past the halfway mark in this internship and I’m 74.88% sure that I can say the same about 51.34% of the rest of the team.

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy in a variety of interesting ways. Ways that our relentless blog posts have undoubtedly conveyed to you. It’s been a healthy mix of work and play, though clearly our blog posts tend to provide a very biased and inaccurate view of that balance.

I would’ve thought that week 6 would mean the team would have settled into the gentle soothing rhythm of an everyday routine, but as always, we find new things to do. For instance, last Thursday, we decided to capitalize on the freshly cleaned pool and balmy weather to go for a swim.

While this was entirely routine for most on the team, my inability to swim did pose somewhat of a challenge to my participation and subsequent survival. Luckily, the pool wasn’t deep enough to pose a real threat and I was feeling adventurous so I went ahead.

Vivek holding on to the side of the pool. Madeleine laughing.

Pictured: Madeleine attempting to coax Vivek to kick off the side of the pool. Vivek is disinclined to do so.

We have good team chemistry, and it shows at work as well as outside of it. My initial reservations at getting into the pool were soon replaced by a determination to learn how to float, kick and swim under the patient guidance of Madeleine, Aditya and SL.

It didn’t take very long for me to grasp some of the basics and we headed back after some late evening coaching by Avia and Poornima. (Hint: Everyone on the team knows how to swim except Aveed and I) Despite the lungfuls of chlorinated water I am proud to say that I did finally manage to swim a breadth of the pool.

Oh, and on the relatively unexciting work front, I’m currently working on a new IO library for the SABT to make lives easier for both developers as well as users by (a) abstracting away basic IO code by providing developers with a uniform interface and (b) ensuring that IO functionality across different modes on the SABT remains uniform for the end user.

I’m also going to be helping Madeleine with some multi-threading issues in the BWT code that will help her eliminate usability issues related to sticky keys. Teacher training with Maddie should be winding down by tomorrow (Wednesday). It’s been very fulfilling to see the look of satisfaction on teachers’ faces when they manage to print out their very first documents on Mathru’s Braille printer.

That’s all from me for this week. I hope to bring more good tidings to this blog about a week from now (re: work & swim lessons).


2 thoughts on “init_swim();

  1. Hi! Happy to hear the swimming lessons went well— now we need to see a picture of you actually swimming rather than hugging the pool wall! A fun picture. So enjoyed the description of the visit to the book store too—think I will remember it each time I walk In to one of our local book stores with the aroma of brewed coffee in the air. These wonderfully descriptive blogs are making our summer fly by as we try to keep up with all you are doing— thank you all for sharing!!!!! A.Clute

    > >

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