It was the 6th week of our technology research internship here at Bengaluru.  The day was Wednesday (we have 30 more days to complete our work and the countdown has already begun! tick-tock tick-tock).  I thought about doing something different after work this day.  Lately, the after-work activities included playing monopoly, reading novels, and having brief phone chat with friends.  This time, however, Avia, Poornima, and I planned to go for bowling.


The rest of the team wanted to attend karaoke at a local restaurant.  The weather was pleasant.  Though, it had rained during the mid-day but towards the end of the day, the rain had ceased.  So, after finishing work at 5 PM, we three headed to the G9 bus stop (the “G9 bus” that takes us to the heart of the city – M.G. Road).  The time prior to our bus ride was fantastic.  We just sat at the bus stop for an hour chatting and eating chips and chocolates.  We also talked about creating a sensational headline for tomorrow’s local newspaper! Why were we thinking that? Well, Avia was so tempted to sit on the driver’s seat of the G9 bus (in reality that’s not allowed)! Poornima and I wondered how would that look like – “American Lady steals the Red Bus!” (The G9 bus we were travelling on was red in color).  Avia and Poornima sat on the seats in the ladies section (Yes! Indian buses have seats dedicated to ladies and senior citizens).  I sat three rows behind them.  Our ride was going to be more than one-hour long.   The bus has frequent stops all along the way (in addition to the slow-paced traffic) and that is the reason why the travel time goes usually beyond one-hour.  After reaching the M.G. road, we had to walk to the Church Street .  This is the place where “Amoeba” (the bowling center) is located.  We played two games for about an hour and a half.  I had a really good time there.  Not only did I miss bowling so badly but I also wanted to see how good Avia and Poornima were at bowling.  I must say that they are really good.  But, a little more practice and a few more games would make them much better at bowling! Also, at times, Avia and I were very close in points.  After bowling, we headed along the same road to have dinner at Mainland China (a few distance away from Amoeba).  The dinner was really good.  We had steamed rice, chicken fried rice, some big beautiful looking fish curry and some meat.  Poornima and I made sure that Avia took care while having dinner (since she had just recovered from a stomach ache last week).


To me, there is no better way than to finish a productive workday by having fun bowling with friends and then having an awesome dinner with my friends!


We took a rickshaw to travel back home.  It was a beautiful ride.  The chill weather made it even more beautiful!  Although Avia kept complaining along the way about the rickshaw price (the issue: the rickshaw driver trying to charge us “METER times 2” for the price! at least she was claiming she saved 20 rupees = apx. 33 cents!

I, on the other hand, just wanted to enjoy the moment.  Why? Well, you never know whether July 3, 2013 is ever going to come back again and who knows where July 3, 2014 will take me!

P.S. it turns out that Poornima, Avia, and I considered this as the first event in the series of events planned for the upcoming weeks.  This includes (although still awaiting confirmation) paint-ball, laser-tag, movie-night, and simply walking on the streets of Bengaluru! Also, next week we plan to try the Indian-version of the Big-Mac at McDonald’s.  It is called the “Maharaja” burger!


2 thoughts on “Bowling Night!

  1. Hi Aveed! I had a similar experience when I was there 5 years ago. I organized a trip for bowling – I think Amoeba lanes right? And then afterwards, we went to Mainland China, yum! If you guys haven’t already, you should watch a movie in Gold Class. Glad to see you are having fun!


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