Borrowing my naming convention from Lion-king trilogy for apparent reasons. Friday evening I was so excited to be going back home after a year. So much had changed in the city that some of them were new for me as well. We boarded the sleeper bus at Kalasipalayam and started to the temple city. The city is in a lotus architecture and got its name from the famous Meenakshi amman temple. Yet, I had a tough time convincing Aditya that it was a city and not a town only to stop doing so, when Avia asked me what was the name of my village 😀

The temple had tighter security and rituals this time around that we ended having to dress up for the occasion. The local crowd decided to entreat the visitors with free bindhis (the round dot on the forehead), jasmine flowers and dhotis. After a fulfilling lunch at one of the fine restaurants on Sunday we headed to a the kadachanendhal aquarium. It used to be a big breeding ground for fishes with a devoted section for exhibits but was only a reminiscent of what it was back then. But then, they had ducks and emus this time that kept us entertained for the while.


To sum it up, we got to meet, greet and feed quite a few of our friends of the nature say the cows, monkeys, emus, black squirrels/ monkeys (when we hiked into the woods on the less trodden paths) , the tail wagging elephant and camels on the weekend trip. We got to feed the cows and the monkey, also Vivek got consent from a couple of them to be in their pictures.

After a weekend of fun, and a tiring Monday at the passport office here I am back in Bangalore.


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