Six months ago when I received the email detailing the other members of the iSTEP group and our respective roles on the team, I was quite surprised to see that I was a member of the Technology Development team. At that point in December, I had yet to even begin my very first programming class, and from what I understood at that point the Technology Development team was responsible for the programming portion of the internship. As we neared the internship I grew a little more nervous about my role on the team. I kept wondering whether TechBridgeWorld knew that my programming skills were fairly nonexistent.

Finally a week before we left, during orientation training, we received our specific responsibilities for the internship, and my nerves were settled ever so slightly. Vivek and I were to be responsible for teacher training. At that point it sounded very doable and to my delight there was no programming involved.

Teacher training was requested by our partner in order to give the teacher’s at Mathru the skills to type and print basic documents such as question papers. I was ready and excited to begin and do my part for the iSTEP internship. Thankfully I was given my father’s patience and so teaching others is more or less enjoyable for me. Vivek and I were met with various challenges along the way from virus-infected computers to power outages to attendance issues, but overall I am happy to report that teacher training was a success.

The main portion of teacher training was completed on July 5th with a small celebration of Indian sweets. Though some teacher training sessions were quite stressful, it was incredibly rewarding to see the progress the teachers made by the end. Their typing skills improved greatly, and they can now successfully create a question paper in Word and print it in Braille with only minimal assistance. Vivek and I were able to give the teachers, especially the blind teachers, the independence to work on their own.


Teacher training isn’t quite complete, and I am happy that for the next week or so I get to continue working with the blind teachers on using the internet and a new Brailler device that is sort of like a Braille typewriter. It seems that my apprehension for my role on the Technology Development team wasn’t warranted. I’m happy with the work I am doing and with impact I am making here at Mathru. I hope these next few weeks will prove to be just as rewarding as the past seven have been.


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