9th week into the internship and everyone seems to be on their toes documenting their work, wrapping up the development cycle and varnishing it with finishing touches. So far our user-testing sessions have been either with teachers individually or with a couple of students being assisted by the teacher. But this time we wanted to observe how they actually use the device in their classrooms. We started off this week with a final round of user testing, for all the enhancements we have done on the SABT so far. Vivek, Aditya, SL and I decided to sit classes and observe the teacher as she handled English, Hindi, Kannada and Math classes for kids in grades 1 to 4.


I was an interesting experience. The kids were excited to try out their hands on the new device. After a round of dot practice and letter practice they played for a bit with the animal game and the everyday noises game. We figured out little nuances like the SABT repeating question automatically after a wrong answer in the dot practice would serve as a workaround avoiding the student choosing random buttons to figure out the correct dot. We also learnt that kids like pushing buttons while another kid is using it and hence pressing cancel to exit should always be followed by a confirmation prompt. In the midst of everything I learnt from something very interesting from Vivek and Madeleine that Hindi and Kannada despite having entirely different scripts have the exact same braille script.

I have also been working on developing the UI for the tactile graphics and developing contractions. We planned to leave out contractions for in-context user testing as they would be used only by students of 4th grade and above. I also learnt that a few braille patterns have a different meaning in different context. Hence am working on a in-context contraction mode where the SABT helps practice  to write words using contractions.

Just one more week to go and everyone is already worried about how much we would miss everything here at Mathru – the work, Ms.Muktha, the kids, the teachers and the team. Stay tuned, as we blog one final time sharing our experiences during the internship here at Bangalore next week.


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