I have a dream. Well I actually had a dream last night. It summaries this entire summer pretty well if you ask me, and so I will share it with you all.

All 8 of us interns were sitting in a row silently. I was the first to speak up. “You guys?! We are starting the last week of our internship right now and still have so much to do. We need to list out everything left and organized it out so we will be done by Friday.” I started to take notes on everything to be completed. First it was Aveed listing out what he needed to do: “My two biggest tasks will be to finish the Final Report and Summary Report.” As he was saying this, he was taking tons of pictures with his nice camera. Next, Madeleine, Aditya, and Maddie listed their tasks. While reading “new” used books that they bought at a store in Bangalore, in unison they said, “We need to finish work on the Mathru website, help Aveed with the Reports, and add more code to the Graphics Library Project.” Vivek didn’t have anything to say. He couldn’t hear me asking him his schedule since his headphones were washing out the noises around him. Instead, he was sitting on his laptop working on the Stand Alone Braille Writing Tutor and simultaneously creating a Google Doc to organize his tasks for the week. Our two team leads Poornima and SL were busy coding and calling newspaper writers, respectively. They both needed to make sure the rest of us could manage our tasks on top of having to worry about their own jobs. We then realized that we only had 5 days to do this. We were all so sad to be leaving this wonderful place but knew we couldn’t hide out here forever and eventually needed to get back to the states to continue school and move on to the working world. What an amazing summer.

I then woke up. I lay in my bed for a minute and realized that I needed to maximize each of my last moments here in Bangalore and at Mathru. I will never forget this summer and these last 6 days will be enjoyable but sad since I love everything here but will soon be leaving.


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