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Good-bye to Week: 9 and Welcome to Week: 10!

Yes, the time has finally come when we begin to wrap up all the assigned tasks related to iSTEP.  This past week had been quite busy since all of us were engaged (and will be engaged over the next week) in completing the last round of user-tests, finishing off the sections for the final report and the summary, adding final touches to our presentation (to be delivered on Week: 10), editing the final version of our newsletter, compiling and organizing all the pictures and videos from iSTEP, sorting and securing important documents such as the IRB consent forms.  Most importantly, this past week, we did the in-context Standalone Braille Tutor user-testing at the Mathru School of Blind and conducted a participatory design research at the Mathru Center for Differently-Abled.  Documenting the things we have done in the form of a report is a very important aspect of the work we do, and that is what we are all busy doing this week.  The report serves us in two ways.  First, it helps us in disseminating the work we have done over to a broader audience and this in turn will aid researchers in future studies.  Second, the report is like a manuscript that describes the pre and post aspects of our ten-week research work.

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The final week of iSTEP (Week: 10) is also lined up with several meetings.  Last Tuesday, we had a breakfast meeting with Mr. Ranka from the CMU Alumni Association based in Bangalore.  In the same evening, the team visited Microsoft Research India and learnt about the various projects MSRI is involved with.  We also had the opportunity to showcase some of the exciting work we did over the summer.  They really liked our work.  On Wednesday, we visited Ms. Sudah’s house for lunch.  She is one of the long-time well wishers of Mathru and also she is the landlady of our house.  This Thursday is a special day since we will deliver a presentation to the trustees and staff of Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind describing the work we have done over the summer. The iSTEP team is also hosting a special lunch for staff and students at Mathru on the same day.  On Friday, we will have a breakfast meeting with Ms. Usha, a visiting counselor at Mathru and later in the evening; some of the team-members shall be heading back home as the internship comes to an end.  I must note that overall it has indeed been an incredible learning experience for me.  Also, be sure to check out the pictures and the final blogs from all of us reflection upon our iSTEP summer research internship experience.



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